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Small island communities are acutely susceptible to the hazards of climate change. Threats such as sea level rise, high winds, intense precipitation, and salt water intrusion into ground water tables are some of the myriad challenges facing our nations. Mitigation techniques and building resiliency need to be considered in our designs for structures and infrastructure. Successful designs will allow for continuity of use during a hazard event and rapid recovery afterwards.

Risk Management as a Design Imperative

Our team is dedicated to protecting building occupants, infrastructure end-users, and our clients’ assets by considering the potential hazards faced by a given project site. We understand the concept of focusing on risk management as a design imperative. We arm our clients with the tools they need to make informed decisions relative to the risk levels they can accept.

Site Vulnerability Assessment Services:

  • Site Vulnerability Assessment

  • Site Suitability Analysis

  • Hazard Mitigation Planning

  • Resilient Infrastructure and Building Design

  • Building Retrofit Design

  • Building Resiliency Audit

  • Infrastructure Resiliency Audit

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