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Building stronger communities and more liveable cities that can absorb, recover and adapt to climate change takes talent, skill and commitment. Our complement of services allow us to provide the highest level of care for our clients from project concept to completion.


We design functional transportation systems, water distribution systems, sanitary sewer systems, stormwater management systems, electrical distribution systems, and communications systems.

Coastal and Marine Engineering

From beach and dock designs for private residences to major marinas and shipping ports, IBS team of professionals is ready to plan your next coastal project.


We employ innovative and efficient design processes for safe and cost effective solutions. This allows our clients to create meaningful and unique structures.

Geotechnical Engineering and Material Testing

Geotechnical and materials engineering services are provided by our in-house engineers and technicians as well as affiliations with industry specialists.

Aerial Image and Mapping

IBS provides high quality geotechnical engineering and material testing services through a
combination of our in-house team and our close relationships with specialty consultants and contractors.


Partnerships with trusted financial experts combined with engineering and construction expertise allow us to provide our clients with invaluable insight into the economic viability of their projects


Comprehensive cost estimations allow our Clients to make informed decisions prior to construction.

Quality Control

Our Construction Quality Control team ensures that projects are built to the quality requirements of the design intent and the construction documents.


Our post-design support services assist project execution team with everything from selecting suitable contractors to evaluating contractor pay requests.

How can IBS enhance your next project?

Permitting and Approvals

Effective and transparent permitting and approvals process navigation to keep projects on schedule. 

Site Vulnerability Assessment Services

Our commitment to resilient design and protection of our clients’ interests led to the development of the vulnerability assessment suite of services.

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