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View and manage visual data for a broad range of project scales and complexities. Whether your project is a single-family residential site or an island-wide development community site, our team of engineers, technicians and specialty affiliates use aerial imaging technology and mapping that will bring it into high-definition focus.

A New Way to Visualize Infrastructure and Buildings

Our state-of-the-art drones, combined with the latest in image processing technology, allow us to manipulate site digital data like never before. Topographic surveys can be conducted more quickly and project visualization is greatly enhanced via generation of a 3-D digital representation of the project type. The ability to superimpose infrastructure and buildings on project site images, measure material stockpile quantities, track construction progress, and provide marketing material for potential investors adds significant value to our clients’ projects.

Aerial Image and Mapping Services

  • High Resolution Site Aerials

  • 3-D Digital Imagery

  • Contour Mapping

  • Quantities Monitoring

  • Site Progress Assessment

  • Enhanced Site Visualization

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