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Windsor School

Location: New Providence, The Bahamas

Services: Civil Engineering

Windsor School is an elite educational institution annexed to the high-end Albany residential and marina community. The expansive 25-acre campus includes a dormitory, a cafeteria, sporting facilities, staff housing, classrooms and administration buildings. IBS performed the civil infrastructure designs for the campus.

St. Andrew’s School 

Location: New Providence, Bahamas

Services: Structural Engineering, Construction Quality Control

St. Andrews School, the first International Baccalaureate (IB) school systems in The Bahamas, expanded its educational services to include early childhood development. IBS’ structural design services were an integral part in the design of several buildings that comprise the institution’s acclaimed Early Childhood Development Centre.

Citi Trust (Bahamas),Ltd.

Location: New Providence, The Bahamas

Services: Structural Engineering 

IBS performed a structural assessment of the existing floor systems at the CitiBank headquarters in Nassau to determine adequacy to support a new data filing system. IBS also provided a condition assessment and advice for repairing defects in the roofing system.

Family Guardian

Location: New Providence, Bahamas 

Services: Structural Engineering, Construction Quality Control

IBS provided this leading insurance and financial services provider with structural assessment services before the company installed a new state-of-the-art collapsible filing system. Our team conducted a thorough structural assessment of the existing floor and provided designs for retrofitting the upper floor of family guardian with a steel support system. This retrofit allowed the existing floor to carry the significant loads of the new files with minimum impact to the existing space.

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