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We are committed to designing resilient and sustainable solutions for development of The Bahamas and the region.

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A smart approach to design and development

At IBS, we believe that liveable cities begin with a smart approach to infrastructure. Our company was established started in 2000 with the belief that thoughtful engineering design can improve our quality of life.

As a Bahamian company, we are proud to contribute to national development by ensuring that governments and private developers throughout The Bahamas and the Caribbean have safe, efficient and reliable infrastructure.


Our mission is to provide solutions that can sustainably meet the residential and commercial needs of growing populations as well as the requirements of governments to grow industries and attract foreign investment.

We are continually investing in honing our skills to produce innovative solutions for our clients.

Expertise and Experience

In addition to high-calibre expertise in engineering and projct-related eservices, IBS routinely manages large multidisciplinary and multinational project teams.

That’s why we are the trusted advisor for high value private and public development projects. Over the years we have  successfully collaborated with some of the most talented service partners from around the world. 

Our team is at the forefront of developing resilient designs for the built environment that help small nation states like The Bahamas and other countries in The Caribbean face the intensifying challenges of climate change. 

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that Matter

For more than 20 years, core values have helped IBS to attract a team that is the soul of our company.


We believe in employing ethical business practices, working hard, staying current with best practices, paying attention to detail and collaborating with our partners to create the best results for our clients. 

We invest in our employees and build lasting client and partner connections because we share a common goal to successfully deliver projects that matter to the community.

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