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  • De'Shae Dean

Congratulations to IBS' new Managing Director, Chris Wells!

For the past 22 years, IBS has been a leading provider of Engineering Consulting and Project Support services throughout The Bahamas. We are committed to designing smart and resilient communities. In our never-ending quest for excellence, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Wells to the position of Managing Director of IBS.

Chris, a professionally licensed engineer in the Bahamas and North Carolina, is a skilled engineer with a passion for designing functional, cost-effective, and creative structural systems, He has led our structural design and production team since 2019.

Since earning his Civil Engineering degree at University of South Florida in 2009, Chris has accumulated many years of design and analysis experience that has made him an expert in the use of cutting-edge structural analysis and modeling software. With over fifteen years of experience as a design consultant and project manager, he continues to offer innovative and efficient solutions for our Clients.

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